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Thread: Find gigs on fiver and such

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    Default Find gigs on fiver and such

    Hello, been a long time since I been on here. I'm on the iPad but when ever I tried visiting this site n my pc a loud virus warning was sounded.

    Anyway I been out the game for a LNG time as a failed. Much has changed and with all I have learned I have decided on a new project. And my moto is keep. It simple and outsource.

    I plan to outsource and was wondering does anyone else here outsource seo work? I know a lot of fiverr gigs are spamming using tools and such. But I believe there might be some diamonds in the rough so to speak. And for $5 you can't beat it. Expensialy for American work.
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    Helpful tip, hope it can work for me som time.

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