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Thread: How would Clickbank work with my product?

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    Default How would Clickbank work with my product?

    So, I have an E-book that I would like to sell. I am working on a web site to market it, but I don't really know how to deliver the product from my web page to the customer. Also, I don't know how to collect money. Is this what Clickbank does? If so, how do I link my website to a Clickbank account?

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    Are you looking to be an affiliate or a vendor? Vendors are the people who pay clickbank to have their product on clickbank. I think thee is a fee for it. So now affiliates can promote the products for you assuming its a good solid product.

    If you are just looking to be an affiliate just sign up its free. Then pick a product to promote. They give you an affiliate code for that product..
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