Why Join the Beat Generals Affiliate Program? - The Short Version:
* ClickBank Managed Affiliate Program - Get Paid Reliably
* Very High Commissions - 50% Initial + Recurring
* Monthly Recurring Income on $29.99
* High Conversion Rate - Unique Product in Extremely Hungry Market
* 60 Day Cookie Duration

Affiliate Section:

Even though Beat Generals isn't launched yet, you can preview the
website and launch page:

The Long Version...


First off, my name is John and we're about to launch our company,
Beat Generals, starting Monday April 23rd - and we'd really
like to have you on board with us.

Our product is a monthly subscription service that teaches
people how to create high quality, professional sounding
hiphop/rap beats with FL Studio, using HD video tutorials.
We also provide high quality drum sounds to use in their

We stand behind our product, and believe in providing real
value, rather than pushing low quality to make a quick buck
and disappear overnight. This is something you can promote
with no guilt.

The launch will showcase us making a beat from scratch, while
viewers follow along to make the beat also. We'll release 4
tutorials total over the week, and finally opening up for sales
on Friday April 27th. The purpose is to provide an example of
what Beat Generals is all about, and what someone can learn
with us.

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Our affiliate program is managed by ClickBank, one of the
largest and most well known affiliate networks. You likely
know how it all works with ClickBank, as well as the fact that
you'll be paid on time, every time.

Beat Generals is a monthly subscription service at $29.99 per
month. As an affiliate, you get 50% on the initial sale, as
well as 50% on all recurring sales, as long as the person
stays subscribed. That's almost $200 per year.

Also, when you send traffic to Beat Generals, ClickBank
remembers you as the affiliate for 60 days. So, even if the
traffic leaves - if they return within 60 days and sign up,
you get credit.

This is actually how our launch would work for you. You
would send traffic over the course of the launch week, with
a lot of buzz going around. People coming and going all week,
then finally signing up on Friday April 27th - and you get
credit as the affiliate and make 50% per sale you bring our

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Digital music creation is at an all-time high, creating a
golden opportunity for anyone willing to ride the wave. Over
the last 10 years or so, music creation (specifically rap/hip
hop) has slowly gravitated more and more towards becoming fully
or, at the very least, partially digital - creating an exciting
opportunity never seen before.

Practically anyone can create full radio-quality songs with
little more than their home computer!

This is having an amazing effect on the music industry. The
amount of new and upcoming rap/hip hop artists is growing
each and every year as more people are discovering that
nothing is limiting them from creating their own music. There
are already hundreds of thousands of people out there RIGHT
NOW who are viciously hungry for the information Beat Generals

Not only is this market already healthy and hungrier than
ever... it's GROWING faster than ever with no peak in sight.
And the best part is... NOBODY is catering to these people.
Not a single person - except Beat Generals. All that spells
out opportunity for YOU.

Promoting Beat Generals, you'll have no competition, and
everything to gain. Thousands of people search EVERY DAY for
what we're going to provide, and NOBODY is providing anything
of value to this viciously hungry market.

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Thank you for your time reading it, and I hope to hear from you
soon - and to have you on board with us come launch time!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or anything
at all.

Thanks again! Take care.

John Cook
Beat Generals