Hi Friends,

I have tested this method and then i am going to post it here !

How i have beaten Google panda !

Google panda is strictly catching those sites who are using duplicate content !
You must have orignal content on your website. You can have few words or few Articles on your website. But those must be real and original.

Now what i have been doing with off page SEO ?

I am getting 1000+ traffic daily from just a simple method. I have been using Ezvid which is a free video maker which allows you to make unlimited videos and then upload them into youtube.
Now this is what we require in uploading video. You need to make the title and description of video for a long tail keyword which has around 250 exact searches or some thing around it, and also place the website URL in description and upload the video on youtube.

Try to add more videos as you can !

After uploading a lot of videos you will see that the traffic on your website suddenly start increasing because the traffic from youtube is coming to your website. This is the way which has changed my life !!

Thanks a lot Ezvid !!