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Thread: Seeking Scenting Instructions for Adword Ads

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    Default Seeking Scenting Instructions for Adword Ads

    Hi there,

    I heard about scenting my PPC titles & the content of the ads.

    Can someone tell me step-by-step how to do it?

    Thank you


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    Welcome to the forum exoticpublishing!

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    I would assume you are talking about ways to optimize your ad's titles and contents. If that is so, your best resources are in the Google Adwords learning center. There is alot you can learn there about how to properly write your ads.

    Hope that helps!

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    Salutations Michelle

    You can start a scent trail in forum posts too

    I like your style. You have some excellent niches there.

    Niche #1 (See Michelle's profile for info)
    The biggest hurdle in that business is resisting the mountains of coke or the sneaking to the back room for H that seems omnipresent here in the New York metropolitan area. I've known a few business owners and the ones that stayed clean are still in biz (20+ years now) and make a mint. The others are back to the 9 to 5 grind or worse.

    Niche #2 (See Michelle's profile for info) Sheer genius!

    Here's an example of a scent trail in a forum.

    1. Post a message using words like exotic, scent, musk or Biffmeister.

    2. If posting to a male demographic, post as a female (and vice versa).

    3. Appeal for help from the big smart men.

    4. Fill in all your profile information appropriately including the site that you want the scent trail to lead to.

    The idea is to get the person to your best converting page but make the person think that they arrived there by following a trail of their choice. Illusion of 'freedom of choice' is one of my favorite themes in marketing.

    Best of luck to you

    What the BIFF is cooking!

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