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Thread: How to Build a Niche Store??

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    Default How to Build a Niche Store??

    Finding success with online niche store is a step by step process that requires planning, determination and consistent marketing strategies. However even if you don't have programming or designing skills to create website there is a fantastic software called 'BANS' - stands for Build A Niche Store. BANS builds websites automatically...
    After a month of setting up my first website I started earning around $300 from BANS...
    Now let me show how BANS works!
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    Wow this BANS seems to be a niche product catering to a niche category and helping to build a niche store.

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    Frankly, I've never heard of BANS and the link you've given is broken. Could you give more details? Who produced developed this software? How much does it cost? What features does it offer? Does it support multiple languages? Can it be integrated into a wordpress blog?
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    I am here m /26 from USA and how about u all i am new on this forum i listen about this forum from my friends they use this forum and suggest me to use it.

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    Hay guys,

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