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Thread: Important Clickbank Announcement: Multi-Currency Order Form

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    Default Important Clickbank Announcement: Multi-Currency Order Form

    Clickbank asked us to post this message:

    "We implemented the ClickBank multi-currency order form to display currency based on the consumer location to improve conversions. The converted amount a consumer sees on the ClickBank order form is comparable to what they would pay by purchasing in USD and having their credit card bank convert and mark-up the price into their local currency.

    Any transaction involving a currency conversion is completed at a daily adjusted foreign exchange rate determined by ClickBank. This exchange rate is higher than the wholesale interbank rate to cover the costs of obtaining and managing the currency. As a result, the exchange rate used at the time of purchase is guaranteed for the publisher, affiliate, and consumer for the lifecycle of the transaction.

    Please note the currency of purchase does not affect the amount of USD credited to your ClickBank account for the sale. This amount is always based on your product’s default currency price (so if your product is default priced in USD, you will always earn the same amount regardless of what currency the consumer selects).

    Order form conversion rates generally improve when consumers are shown a price in their local currency at check out. However, some publishers may prefer to have the default currency selected for a product show for all consumers, regardless of location. This is also possible. If you would like the currency conversion capability disabled for your account(s), please contact ClickBank customer service (, and they can help you.

    If you choose to have customer service disable the currency conversion feature in your account, you can still offer products in different currencies. In this case, you simply set up a unique product for each currency you wish to accept. For example, if you want to offer the same e-book in USD and GBP, you can set up two separate products in the “My Products” section of your account. Set up product 1 with a default currency of USD, and product 2 with a default currency of GBP. When a consumer clicks a payment link for product 1, they are shown the order form in USD at the price specified for product 1. If they click a payment link for product 2, they see the GBP price specified for product 2. In both cases, the consumer will not have the ability to choose a different currency for payment.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact ClickBank customer support ( if you have further questions or concerns."

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    Good info.

    Thanks Lev.

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