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Thread: New ClickBank 'Second Life' Product - 75% Commission + $$$ Bonuses

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    Default New ClickBank 'Second Life' Product - 75% Commission + $$$ Bonuses - Our comprehensive eBook shares 'real strategies' used by one of the second life top earners. Our eBook contains all of the best tips, tricks, and advice on how to make tons of money playing second life the online video game!

    Affiliate Commission - Affiliates will earn 75% commission on every sale you refer to

    Bonus Payouts - Affiliates can earn up to $7000 in bonus payouts for referring a certain amount of customers to


    160x600 Skyscraper

    The rest of the banners can be accessed inside out promotional tools section. The promo tools section can be accessed on the following page:

    Keywords, forum sigs, broadcast emails (coming soon), and a few camtasia videos can be accessed in the promotional tools section as well.

    Hoplink: (replace YOURNICKHERE with your ClickBank affiliate nickname)

    This is still pretty much an almost untapped niche. There are several ways to advertise this niche other than PPC marketing! Have fun, make tons of money, and if you have any questions simply contact us.

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    ASK ME!


    can you make 480X60 banner style for 160 Skyscraper ?

    The current 160 Skyscraper is so plain to me.. I would like to have the banner with those SL girls in it or the two that used on website header..

    Could it be possible ?
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