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Thread: CPA or CPL

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    I think bestforexpartners is a forex affiliate program/network. It varies greatly with the traditional cpa network like Neverblue, Maxbounty etc.

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    CPL seems like more profitable for not so high volume site. How to easily get accepted by CPA network? i have tried several but neither of them approved my application.

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    Default American Schoo

    my CPL or ATPL done from the US from American School of Aviation.


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    CPA refers to cost per action. CPL, on the other hand, refers to cost per lead.

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    Default CPA or CPL

    Hi Lyon

    From my understanding a CPA is more suited for those that want to do the tax returns side of things to the general public however the CA is good if you want to work for a big 4 firm and do consultancy to big business.

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    The best description I've read in a while. I think you really helped explain this point for newbies.

    And I believe that you do need to fill out a tax form in the affiliate programs when you reach a specific dollar amount. I think it's only for US residents though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jon@FluxAds View Post
    CPA is just a general umbrella. The "Action" in CPA can be a sale, lead, phone call, etc. Whereas CPL is specific to the "Lead" only. Nothing needs to be sold. However, credit cards may be involved if the lead constitutes the user subscribing to something such as a dating site ot magazine, etc.

    Most CPA networks require a W8/W9 for their tax filing purposes.

    If you are located in a country that does NOT require you to claim taxes on such things as affiliate commission, then you shouldn't have to fill out the form.

    As for ClickBank, I believe they require you to have a Tax-ID number if you generate a certain amount, no? They do file the paperwork at the end of the year for each member's tax-id # and send out 1099's. So they choose to take a different approach to things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by super View Post
    I came to another little question. Why do cpa networks require you to fill W9 or whatever form when other networks like CB or CJ does not? I mean you earn income there and here
    Any CPA which does not require this ?
    All businesses that work with other legitimate businesses should require a W9 or W8 if you're located outside the US. I would be hesitant to work with a network that did not require one.
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