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Thread: Can anyon help me....[ 3 conversions ; only 1 sale appeared in my CB transaction]

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    Question Can anyon help me....[ 3 conversions ; only 1 sale appeared in my CB transaction]


    Please help me.. What will I do about this?I'm a newbie. Im very happy to see I've got 3 conversions but unfortunately, I only have 1 sale in my cb account.What could be the reason why I only have one sale? but according to my conversion I have 3.

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    Congrats on your sale!

    Get used to this frustration, however.

    This is a common issue. My guess is sometimes we lose out on sales, other times it is a false positive (from Google tracking).

    edit: My 400th post! I must be doing something right to still be posting on Ewealth!!!! lol
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    Here's a likely explanation.

    A visitor clicks one of your ppc links, gets tagged with the google tracking code, and gets tagged with a Clickbank cookie. After reading the sales page of the product you sent him to, he decides to look for a second opinion.

    Back to google, he does another search related to the product you're promoting. He clicks a sponsored advertisement for the same product that you're promoting, bammo! His browser is tagged with another affiliate's Clickbank cookie, overwriting the Clickbank cookie that would have given you credit to the sale.

    The visitor decides to buy the product this time, but you don't get credit. After paying, he makes his way to the thank you page, and google's tracking code is triggered. A false conversion alert.

    Better use Clickbank's tid feature, it's great.

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